Computer Vision - 2P2016

Assignment 3: Scale-space blob detection

Due date: October 15, 11:59 PM

The goal of the assignment is to implement a Laplacian blob detector as discussed in this lecture. Adapted from S. Lazebni.

Algorithm outline

  1. Generate a Laplacian of Gaussian filter.
  2. Build a Laplacian scale space, starting with some initial scale and going for n iterations:
    1. Filter image with scale-normalized Laplacian at current scale.
    2. Save square of Laplacian response for current level of scale space.
    3. Increase scale by a factor k.
  3. Perform nonmaximum suppression in scale space.
  4. Display resulting circles at their characteristic scales.

Test images

Here are four images to test your code, and sample output images for your reference. Keep in mind, though, that your output may look different depending on your threshold, range of scales, and other implementation details. In addition to the images provided, also run your code on at least four images of your own choosing.

Detailed instructions

Helpful resources

Grading checklist

As before, you must turn in both your report and your code. Your report will be graded based on the following items:

Instructions for Submitting the Assignment

Your submission should consist of the following: