Special Topics in Computer Vision

Second semester 2019

Andrés Marrugo, PhD
Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar

Aims and Scope

This course discusses advanced topics and current research in computer vision. Students are expected to read papers selected from various subareas such as 3D reconstruction, machine vision and inspection, segmentation and grouping, and pattern recognition. Approaches for learning from image data will be covered and include topics from convolutional neural networks, sparse and redundant representations, and others. The course will be a mix of lecture, student presentation and discussion.

Course Goals:

Useful Resources

Tutorials, review materials

MATLAB reference


This is a new course, this website will be updated as we go along.

Lecture 1: Introduction

We will be discussing the general aspects of the course, the topics to be covered and the course project.

Paper review 1 - Non local means

Paper reviews. Due date: 2019-08-27.

Paper review 2 - The world’s most famous camera calibration method

Paper reviews. Due date: 2019-09-3.

Paper review 3 -

Paper review 4 -

Paper review 5 -

Paper review 6 -

Project submission

The project final report is due Friday, December 6. Use the following link to upload the paper (in IEEE template or similar) and a 3 minute video of yourselves explaining the project.